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Ring now for free home visit or information pack
£49 + VAT per single will (Total £59.94)
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Things to Consider when choosing your Will

There are two main types of Wills. Those that include a trust and those that don’t. A trust is a means to “ring-fence” or safeguard any particular asset, which is generally a home. While a will writing solicitor can help create your will, it requires a specially trained solicitor to build a trust.

In a simple basic Will, someone could say “I am going to leave my house to my children”. If when that person dies he/she still has the house then everything is fine and the children inherit. But what if they no longer have the house when they die, this could be due to the Taxman, Creditors or of course, Care Authorities. In those cases, and there are many of them, the children inherit little or nothing.

Moving on to a Will containing a trust, things are rather different. It is the job of the Trust lawyer to ensure that the person does, indeed, still own the house at the time of their death, so, it can therefore pass on to the children or any other chosen beneficiary.

Would a Trust be better than a Will?

However, a trust can do so much more. What about a situation where a child is about to come into an inheritance (say their share of the parents’ home) right in the middle of messy, contested divorce proceedings. The ex-wife or husband could walk off with an inheritance which wasn’t meant for them (chances are the parents never liked them in the first place!!!). Well the correct Trust can easily prevent that from happening.

Or what about bankruptcy, if a beneficiary was being made bankrupt and they come into an inheritance it could all be lost to creditors, but again a trust could put a stop to that.

Either way whether or not the Wills contain a Trust all our Wills are straight forward and have one overriding objective. To ensure that your estate goes to those you want to inherit and not to those you don’t, it’s as simple as that.

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