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£49 + VAT per single will (Total £59.94)
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Property & Home Protection Trusts

Things to Consider

Trusts can help to protect your assets for your children after you have passed away, by ensuring they get everything they are entitled to. We can tailor a Trust to your specific needs.

Many of our clients have been concerned about what they have seen on television or read in the newspapers about people losing their homes to pay for care fees. Or, perhaps this has already affected your family or you know someone who has suffered in this way. There are, most certainly, things that can be done, so in such instances I always explain the advantages of using various trusts.

Trusts can do many other things. Take a case of where someone is about to inherit their parent’s home (always assuming the Care Authorities haven’t already stepped in) but, unfortunately they are going through a messy divorce, or creditors are lying in wait to grab whatever comes along. A Will does not offer any protection in such cases, but a trust could ensure that 100% of any inheritance goes only to the named beneficiary. And that is exactly what the parents wanted from the start.

Property Protection Trust

(Couples Only)

This Trust can do many things. It can fully protect children from previous marriages and partnerships.

It will also protect children if one parent dies and the remaining one marries or moves in with someone who already has children of their own. There is, however, one huge side benefit which is it can protect the home (with or without mortgage) against care home fees. Furthermore, this Trust could protect the home you have now plus any you may own in the future.

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Home Protection Trust

(Couples & Individuals)

With this Trust when the settlor dies (that’s the person who owned the property) the Property passes almost immediately to the beneficiaries, this is usually the children. So, within a couple of weeks the children can take possession of the home. No waiting for the will to be sorted out no probate issues. All this makes life much easier for the children; they can get on with things straight away. Plus, and its a big plus, it will save literally thousands of pounds, because there are no probate fees or solicitors costs relating to the property to be paid. But that’s not all, as with the Property Protection Trust there is a very welcome side benefit, relating to Care Home Fees.

Looking to implement a property or home protection Trust?

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