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£49 + VAT per single will (Total £59.94)
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What is a Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney is a legal document that we register with the OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC GUARDIAN. This is where you name one or more people that you would trust to deal with your affairs if you were unable to do so yourself. This is known as losing capacity, either mentally or physically.

Why can’t my husband /wife or children simply do things for me when needed? After all he/she is my next of kin?

Many years ago this might have been the case, but not today. Now, it doesn’t matter who your next of kin is, whether it’s your spouse, children or any other family members. None of them have any more legal rights than a complete stranger unless they have been registered granted lasting power of attorney

Do I really need a Power of Attorney?

The only people that don’t need a Power of Attorney are those that are perfectly fit and well one moment and then pass away the next. They never lost capacity; they just simply died. But everyone else needs a Power of Attorney.

So how bad could it be if I don’t have a Lasting Power of Attorney?

What would you think about your bank account being frozen? This can include joint accounts. This would mean that your husband/wife or partner suddenly being denied any money; all funds could be cut off. Unpaid bills would stack up, creating debts that no one has the legal authority to settle. But, financial matters are only half the story.

There is also the Lasting Power of Attorney covering Health and Welfare. Imagine a situation where you have lost capacity, but decisions still need to be made, and you need help with daily requirements, also the provision of life supporting treatment and medical care or possibly the selection of a suitable care home.

So who would you prefer to make those decisions and have power of attorney? Either perhaps someone you have never met from social services or welfare to whom you are just a case number, or someone from your own family or friends?

With a Health & Welfare LPA, you decide exactly who you trust to have your best interests at heart. Someone who knows you, knows what you like and perhaps more importantly what you don’t like.

Do I have to do an LPA?

No, but if you don’t and then lose capacity or through age find you can no longer do everything for yourself your case must be referred to the Court of Protection. It will take months, could be more than a year. During which time all your accounts and personal matters (and data) are frozen. The cost will be in the thousands of pounds and the court could then appoint the local authority or a Solicitor on the Court of Protection panel to be in control of your assets.

The alternative to such a nightmare is to simply chose your own attorneys. This is usually your husband, wife, partner, children or friends. Once your LPA has been registered you never have to pay to have it extended or renewed because it is a LASTING POWER of ATTORNEY

Looking for assistance with Lasting Power of Attorney?

We can help with everything, from drafting your will, creating a trust, to getting Lasting Power of Attorney. Why not get in touch and see how easy we can make this process for you?